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  • Taiwan Tainan District Prosecutors Office Chief to introduce_Lin, Chin-Chun

                      Chief Prosecutor:Lin, Chin-Chun Sworn in: Jan , 31, 2019   Educational Background: •LL.B., Department of Law, National Taiwan University •LL.M., Graduate Institute of Law, National Chengchi University •M.A., Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University   Work Experience : •28th Class of Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors •Prosecutor, Taipei District Prosecutors Office •Prosecutor, Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office •Prosecutor, Yunlin District Prosecutors Office •Prosecutor, Department of Prosecutorial Affairs, Ministry of Justice •Head Prosecutor, Taipei District Prosecutors Office •Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Taipei District Prosecutors Office •Prosecutor, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office •Deputy Director, Department of Prosecutorial Affairs, Ministry of Justice •Chief Secretary, Agency against Corruption, Ministry of Justice •Chief Prosecutor, Hualien District Prosecutors Office •Chief Prosecutor, Pingtung District Prosecutors Office •Chief Prosecutor, Tainan District Prosecutors Office   A Word from the Chief Prosecutor :   The duty and obligation of the prosecutor’s agency are to protect rights and interests of the people and to fulfill social justice.   Therefore, we shall handle each case with profession, dedication, commitment and fairness so as to create a fair and clean, professional and responsible, enthusiastic and heart-warming, and efficient and excellent image for prosecutors.   Furthermore, we shall listen to people’s needs and response to their expectations actively.   In addition, we shall implement laws strictly, fairly and with due process of law to protect human rights and fulfill justice so as to curb crimes and ensure the protection of people’s rights and interests.   Along with restorative justice, we will improve the efficiency of the prosecutors office to gain trust and approval from the people. Finally, I welcome opinion from different societies to improve the business affairs of this prosecutors office so that this office can further correspond to people’s expectations.  


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