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Citizen Services Center

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Introduction of Service Center

Service Center-Operation Process Flowchart

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Service Center-Operation Process Flowchart-the link of textual description(pdf)

Introduction of Service Center:

In order to let those who do business with our office get the most convenient service, we set a Service Center on the first floor. With the principle of “all-inclusive clerk service window”“do all the business with the clerk in one go”, the center provides interdepartmental integrated service. Our Deputy Chief Prosecutor is the director of this center, the Chief Secretary is the deputy director and the service network includes all department supervisors. The center offers 24/7 service. In order to supply excellent and all-inclusive services, dedicated personnel /Department Supervisors will be on duty on weekdays, while bailiffs will take the night and holiday shifts.

Service Items

1.Reception of incoming messages/ incoming cases/ incoming complaints/ incoming mail.

2.Return of Bail and Seized Objects.

3.To pay witness/expert witness/interpreter the daily travel expenses.

4.Application for Indictment Certificate/Dismissal Certificate / Certificate of Death.

5.Application for Case Closure Certificate/Sentence Completion Certificate.

6.Crime Victims’ Compensation and Case Inquiry.

7.Instruct ions for filling out all sorts of application form

8.Official forms for filing lawsuit, regulated manuscripts and application form are free of charge.

9.People under custody register, apply for holiday leave or postponement

10.Litigation Counseling

11.Judicial Protection Contact

12.Reading/Transcription/Replication of Dossier

13.Foreign Spouse Assistance

14.Refer to Legal Assistance Foundation

15.Other Legal Counseling Service Items

Service Telephone



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