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Our History

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Tainan District Prosecutors office_2


1. After achieving independence in 1945, Taiwan’s government assigned Mr. Wu Yun-Zhou as the chief prosecutor. On December 14th 1945, Prosecutor Wu Yun-Zhou took over the business of Tainan District Prosecutors Section, which the predecessor of Tainan District Prosecutors Office. The original office was destroyed by allied forces during the Japanese colonial period. Therefore, all work was temporarily moved to the Taiwan Tainan District Prosecutors Office dormitory. Until July 1943, the fifth general prosecutor Cao Wei-Xiu planned and completed the one floor office in Tainan Fu Qien Rd. Sec.1. From then on, the Taiwan Tainan District Prosecutors Office had its own home.


2. Because of rapid social development, the prosecutors’ work became more complicated and diversified. The office built in 1943 became old and insufficient for its use. In 1978, Chief Prosecutor Chai Tsung-Chuan decided to reconstruct the office building to improve the working environment. Because of the Middle East war, energy source and commodities prices rose and the reconstruction project was halted. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the building was completed in 1980.


3. In 1994, because the increase in staff and business and arrival of computerization, the building space was no longer sufficient to use and business was affected. Therefore, we had to search and plan the new office building, which is our present building.

Our new building is located at Tainan Jian Kang Rd. sec. 3, No. 310. The building is two basements and 10 floors reinforced steel structure. The based area is 19,500 square meters and the floor area is 38,276.84 square meters. The new building is majestic and is the most modern prosecutor office in Taiwan. During the construction period, the construction sector in Taiwan went through a recession. We changed contractors a few times. In 1999, we overcame the problem and completed the major project. In 2000, the building was officially inspected and approved. The new building is a new milestone for us and brought glory and great promise for employees.


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