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Investigating suspected corruption cases involving the former speaker of the Tainan City Council-July 11,2023

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  • Last updated:2023-07-13
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Investigating illegal cases involving the former Speaker of the Tainan City Council Guo OO, the chief prosecutor Wu Weiren, Lin Yijun, and Xu Shuhan prosecutors jointly formed a special case team. At 6:30 a.m. on July 6, 2023, they commanded the Kaohsiung City Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice. The Investigation Office, the Mobile Workstation in the Southern Area, the Kaohsiung Investigation Station of the Aviation Industry Department, the Tainan City Investigation Office, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Tainan City Government Police Department, and the prosecutorial affairs officers of this office share the search tickets. Qian Hongming, Xu Huawei, Peng Shengzhi, Xu Shuhan And prosecutor Cai Baida led a team to more than 10 places including Guo OO's office, service center and residence, Tainan City Government Land Affairs Bureau and the residences of relevant personnel involved in the search, and brought back more than 10 people involved in the case and witnesses for interrogation. And seize relevant evidence and materials to clarify the case.

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