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Ministry of Justice's 113th Annual Policy Policy -May 17 , 2023

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  • Last updated:2023-07-11
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1. Continue to promote the judicial reform policy and implement the new crime victim protection system; complete
"Judicial alliance chain" implements the purpose of identity and continuity of inter-agency seizure evidence
standard; improve the judicial scientific research system, and establish scientific forensic standard operating procedures.
2. Promoting transformational justice, cultivating society and raising awareness of human rights; reviewing the two covenants and laws,
Concluding observations on the international review of the third national report on the proper implementation and management of the two conventions
and suggestions; improve civil and administrative laws, conform to international trends, and protect people's rights

3. Combating telecommunications and network fraud, economics and finance, food safety, underworld organizations and green energy crimes, etc., to stabilize the economic order and maintain social security; Implement a new generation of anti-drug strategies, track down the source of drugs, curb drug recidivism, and demonstrate political Government's zero-tolerance commitment to drugs.

4. Improving the anti-money laundering system, the transparency of gold flow conforms to international norms and localization, and improves
Law enforcement efficiency; actively promote the signing of bilateral mutual legal assistance agreements (negotiations) to enhance cross-border
Judicial cooperation is capable; prevent the development of hostile forces abroad, and the investigation and handling will affect national security
Cases to protect national security.

5. Utilize the scientific and technological management of prison administration, refine the corrective treatment model, and combine multi-skill training
training, strengthening the resource link for the return of prisoners; supplementing professional manpower and improving correctional facilities
environmental quality; promote multi-community treatment; expand rehabilitative and criminal victim protection services; establish a professional and dedicated judicial protection system, and implement the concept of penetrating protection
6. Promote smart anti-corruption, improve the investigation capacity of corruption cases; independently practice the United Nations anti-corruption
Corruption conventions, strengthen clean governance, expand and refine the clean government platform for agency procurement;
Promote corporate services and integrity governance, and deepen anti-corruption cooperation between the public and private sectors;
Promote fraudsters to protect the legal system and encourage reporting of corruption and lawlessness.
7. Promote scientific and technological administrative implementation measures, improve service products and efficiency; deepen various public
Execution of legal monetary payment obligations to improve execution performance; strong execution of large debts
households, to realize the value of justice; to implement various implementation projects, to enhance the function of law compliance; to promote
Expand cross-agency cooperative relations to give full play to the synergy of agency cooperation; empathize with vulnerable obligors,
Provide assisted care.
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