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Tainan District Prosecutors’ Office (TDPO) Investigates Vote-Rigging with Respect to the Tainan City Council (TCC) Speaker’s Election_June 09,2023

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  • Last updated:2023-07-11
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In November, 2022, after obtaining information about improper activities connected with the election for TCC’s leadership positon, TDPO promptly commenced an inquiry.  A special task force, led by TDPO’s Head Prosecutor and involving several prosecutors from the Anti-Corruption Division, was formed to carry out the investigation.   

As a result of its investigation, TDPO, in collaboration with the Tainan Investigation Branch of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB), led a multiagency team consisting of some 122 personnel drawn from MJIB’s Tainan and Kaohsiung Investigation Branches, Tainan City Police Department, Military Police Force of Tainan, and TDPO’s prosecutor’s investigators.  This team proceeded on early morning January 3, 2023 to execute search warrants at 26 locations, including the residences of the TCC Speaker Chiu, Deputy Speaker Lin, Councilor Lee, Councilor Chang, Councilor Huang, and other suspects, Yang, Kuo, Lin and Huang.  All suspects were brought in for questioning for further investigation

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