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Taiwan Tainan District Prosecutors Office Chief to introduce_ Ye Shu Wen

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  • Last updated:2020-03-18
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Chief Prosecutor  Ye Shu Wen

                            Chief Prosecutor  Ye Shu Wen

Sworn to Office on Mar 13, 2020.

Academic Background

  • LL.B., Fu Jen Catholic University
  • LL.M., National Chung Cheng University
  • 31th Class of Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors

 Work Experience

  • Prosecutor, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office
  • Head Prosecutor, Taiwan Pingtung District Prosecutors Office
  • Head Prosecutor,  Taiwan Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office
  • Prosecutor, Hualien Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office
  • Prosecutor, Kaohsiung Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office
  • Chief Prosecutor, Pingtung District Prosecutors Office
  • Chief Prosecutor, Tainan District Prosecutors Office


A Word from the Chief Prosecutor

The responsibility and perseverance of the prosecutors Institutes are to protect the rights and interests of the people, to achieve social fairness and justice, to process the cases with the attitude of expertise, dedication, enjoyment, and fairness, to enforce the law in a solemn, to comply with due process, to realize fairness and justice, to safeguard human rights, and to promote humanism. Acquire the trust of people along with upgrading the efficiency of investigation. Please do not refuse to offer your kind advice to make judiciary accessible to people.

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